Honey… where’re my eyebrows?!?!?!

So, as a woman of a certain age, who hangs out regularly with other women of a certain age, certain topics tend to resurface over and over… one being, “remember when we had eyebrows?”  Or, remember when you could see your eyebrows (before they turned gray)”?  Or, “remember when the style was to over-pluck your eyebrows, and now the  style is beautiful, full, Brooke Shieldsey eyebrows, and the over-plucked eyebrows never grew back?”  

My eyebrows are very sparse, with just a hint of shape in place.  I used to fill them in with a pencil.  Fairly easy, but kind of a pain everyday.  One of the reasons I have any eyebrows left is because I was too lazy to over-pluck when that was all the rage.  One of the few times my laziness in the self-care/grooming department came in handy. I would use my “blonde” eyebrow pencil, and for the most part, use it everyday and no harm, no foul.   It matched my dyed caramel-colored hair.  Easy-peasy.

However, when I decided to stop coloring my hair and let the gray (by that time, 90% of my hair was gray) come through, the blonde eyebrow pencil looked ridiculous.  Fizbo the clown had nothing on me.  Enter, Benefit Brow Bar.

My daughter and daughter-in-law have been nudging me for a while to take the plunge and get my eyebrows dyed.  I was nervous to do it.  Mainly because I didn’t think I had enough brow to bother.  But, my sisters, I did it, and I was so pleased.  My eyebrows show up!  I don’t have to fill in with a pencil.  They’re not bushy-Brooke Shieldsey eyebrows, but they will do.  

This is not a sponsored post.  I just really liked the outcome.  Not sure how long the effect will last.  I was told between 3 -8 weeks.  (I should add that apparently only the Benefit stores which are free standing (not in a Mall) offer the eyebrow dyeing option.)

Anyway, from one lady to another, this was a breeze.  The first day it looked a little smudgy.  After a shower the next morning, it looked fantastic – all the residual dye that was on my skin under the brow was gone by simply washing my face.   

It is so great not to have to draw on my eyebrows in the morning, hoping to get the arch in the right place, and struggling because it’s hard to see!  This was a breeze.  If you have the option and the need, it is my favorite thing about July!!!

Tune in next time for my weekly feature… “Honey, what are you reading?” 

8 thoughts on “Honey… where’re my eyebrows?!?!?!”

  1. Hello dear Corliss from a very wet and windy Shankill. Love your blog ❤️ and yes the eyebrows are a universal nuisance. I would love to keep up with what you are reading and likewise share some books.

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  2. Love your blog friend! As for the dyeing of the eyebrow, my daughter who is a hairdresser turned me on to that fun solution! She does them for me which is a great benefit.


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