Honey, Let’s Plan a Party!!!

Just a little soiree…

Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.

George Carlin

As we’ve discussed before on the blog, I LOVE a good play list, especially for a party.   The last shindig we threw, one of the “younger set” (5-ish years old, wearing his sparkly shoes), asked me when the music was going to start. He’s right, until the music starts, it’s not really a party! Since we’re enjoying high summer right now, here are a FEW of my favorite tunes for a summer afternoon/evening barbecue gathering (granted, we actually give a party maybe every 5 years, but when we do, it’s fun, and memorable!).  So, get out the croquet mallets, pull out the corn hole game, let the margaritas flow, and shake your groove thing!

Annabelle would like to remind you: Don’t forget your shades…and your sunscreen!

The Perfect Playlist for a summer outdoor party…


Let’s Plan a Party – Afternoon Spotify Playlist

Early Evening: (during dinner)


And, while your spouse is washing dishes the next morning…..

Happy partying, my friends!  

Tune in next time, when “Honey, Let Me Tell You” will discuss my favorite recipe… yep, that one!  You won’t want to miss it!

1 thought on “Honey, Let’s Plan a Party!!!”

  1. I need this! I’m always throwing a party (you know me, always planning something)! And always struggle with the music! Good choices my friend


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