Honey, where’re are my eyebrows (the sequel!)?

Although beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, the feeling of being beautiful exists solely in the mind of the beheld.

Martha Beck
Gorgeous, huh?

Yep, what price beauty, my friends? As I continue my quest to lazi-fy all the “mechanics” of beauty, I’ve definitely got things to report. As you know, about six weeks ago, I got the eyebrows dyed. For my next trick, I decided to add the lashes. And to that, I say, I may be too, too wimpy for this.

First off, final verdict on the eyebrows: love it. Will continue to do it. With the eyebrows dyed, I have just enough coverage to NOT have to fill in with an eyebrow pencil. This is the whole, and ONLY reason I do it. If I have to come behind it with a pencil, what’s the point? I’m much too lazy for that. So, SOLD. No question, it’s worth the time and money to have it done every six weeks or so.

Now, we move on to the eyelashes. From the picture above you can tell that they really put the dye on there. I had been told it might get a little “peppery”, and it did towards the end. You have to sit there with your eyes closed for 8 minutes (the eyebrows are only 4 minutes, with your eyes fully open). With the eyelashes, I made sure to confirm that if there was an earthquake or other emergency, someone would lead me out of there! If you’re a contact lens wearer, they have to come out (I can’t even imagine!!!). After the 8 minute timer goes off, they wipe away as much dye as they can, then cram tissue in your hands and tell you to hold them under the lashes. This is done with a certain sense of urgency. Then, (and this is my “favorite” part), they take a liter bottle of saline and start spraying them in your eye in a constant streaming, sweeping motion (from a distance of about 18 inches) while demanding (loudly!) that you “blink, blink, blink”. Didn’t love that. This lasted a full minute. I had saline running down the inside of my shirt, my face, etc. Full disclosure, the woman doing it could not have been nicer. And, I will tell you, if the results had been more noticeable, I might be tempted to do it again.

However… I expected that when I had my eyelashes dyed, they would look longer, which would be SUCH an improvement. My lashes are very light (some are white!), so without mascara it doesn’t really look like I have lashes. The expectation was (and I think reasonably so) for them to look as long as they actually ARE. Oddly, that was not the effect. They looked darker at the base, but NO longer. To look as though I have lashes, I still have to put on mascara. Again, what’s the point? If I have to apply something to my eyelashes, why bother getting them dyed?

Ah, so lovely!

So, that’s the story. When you see me in the future, I will be sporting smugly dyed eyebrows and (sadly) mascara-laden lashes (if I can be bothered!).

In the meantime, gear up for a good debate. Monday on the blog, we’ll talk about whether or not you prefer… e-books or printed books? I expect a healthy discussion!!! Until then, have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Honey, where’re are my eyebrows (the sequel!)?”

  1. Oh my gosh! I’m still laughing at the scene (in my mind) of them shooting saline at your face! And when it was all said and done you must have walked out of the salon not only looking like you were wearing last night’s makeup on your blouse, but your face (with your sensitive skin) must have been so red and blotchy! Sorry Corliss, you know me, I must find the humor even in our moments of trauma. 😬


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