Honey, let’s GO somewhere!

He who would travel happily must travel light.”

Antoine de St. Exupery

From Antoine’s mouth to God’s ears! I am trying to learn the art of traveling light – a work in progress. And, lately, I’m having more and more opportunities, cause I’m retired (woo-hoo!)! I’ve traveled a lot, (and plan to do more), and have learned some things along the way. Here are a few things I think are essential for a good flight.

On the road again!

Corliss’ Tried and True Flight Check

  • If you like listening to music or Audible books, noise-cancelling headphones or AirPods are a great way to go. I adore my noise-cancelling headphones, but they are bulky, and the case, while wonderful, takes up a lot a room. The AirPods are, by comparison, teeny (let’s hope I can keep up with them!). On my next trip I’m taking the AirPods. We’ll see which I prefer.
  • A lightweight scarf or shawl, like a pashmina (my experience has been that the plane is either freezing or sweltering, or both at different times during the flight). Sigh. If the plane is sweltering, layers are good!
  • Bottled water. Buy it after you go through security. Yes, they charge you an arm and a leg, but there’s no guarantee that water given to you on the plane is from a sealed bottle (I’ve watched enough 60-minutes episodes to make me completely and justifiably germaphobic).
  • Hand sanitizer. (See above)
  • A tote bag that fits under your seat for your book, Kindle or tablet, phone, and all the stuff you’ll use in-flight (you don’t want to open the overhead compartment to access your carry-on every time you need something).
  • Speaking of carry-ons… I usually pack a couple of extra pairs of undies, pajamas, toothbrush, and an extra outfit in my carry-on. I’ve dealt with misplaced luggage in times past, and this eases the gap!
  • Shoes that are easy to take on and off (trying to lace your shoes is the pits when on a plane, or going through security).
  • A carry on bag that rolls, preferably with wheels that do a 360-degree rotation.
  • I try to get an aisle seat. I have restless leg issues, and I can’t just SIT there. I’ve got to get up. So, I give my seat partner by the window or in the middle plenty of opportunities to get up as well. If I’m traveling with Mr. G, we either sit across the aisle from each other, or climb over!
  • I make sure to have several books and audio books downloaded on my tablet or phone, whichever I’m using. (Once I had purchased a new book for my kindle, but forgot to download it before we took off. Misery.)
  • I always use a decongestant before I fly. I find that it keeps my ears from clogging. My ear/nose/throat specialist actually recommended Afrin* (while quickly telling me that I should use it ONLY before flights – not a day to day option – don’t worry, I know!). It really works, so I make sure I have a fresh bottle (check the expiration date) and use it before I go to the airport (*it’s a “red-top” item, so should be packed with your checked luggage, as well as some contact lens solutions).

I’m loving the freedom to travel to familiar and new places, and celebrate family and friends. The next stop? A much beloved friend’s (family, really!) daughter’s wedding. Let the fun begin!

Next on the blog… let’s celebrate the garden!!! Until then, my friends!

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