Honey, let’s celebrate the garden!

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.

Makes me catch my breath!

It feels as though we should be winding down the seasons. As you know, I’ve made a small attempt to make the house feel fall-ish. However, today, where we live in California, our temps will reach the 100-degree mark. But in the evening and the early morning, I’m starting to feel a “freshness” to the air (as the Brits would say!). It’s coming, and I thought it might be fun to do a year in review…

The first BIG thing that happened in the garden this year (and this was in April), was the wisteria. Wowza! This stuff is just… Wow!

Can you believe it?

We also celebrated many varieties of iris (Mr. G is a great enthusiast!).

Pacific Iris
Look at that color!

Then, I got to look at some of the Queen’s gardens!

Windsor Castle

Between the ancient buildings at Windsor, the Queen’s gardeners have terraced the hills, created waterfalls, and placed benches in lovely places to escape (or celebrate!) the sun. Isn’t this amazing?

A more secluded garden area at Windsor

I always say that no city in the world does green space better than London. Whether it be one of the incredible city parks, or a private garden, they really cherish and maintain the natural elements for all to enjoy!

Kensington Palace Gardens
The Albert Memorial, Kensington Gardens
Private Park (thanks Mitzi, Humam, Maya and Lena!)

Meanwhile, back at home, we’ve celebrated the blooming of roses

Double Delight

and abundant harvest of veggies

Squash, chives and cherry tomatoes

Now, I’m starting to plan some new sections in the garden. I love to spend fall and winter nights poring over books and pinterest pictures to plan our garden space. I’m so looking forward to planning for next year! In the meantime, I’ll pretend that it’s cool, and dream of down blankets and cozy sweaters!

Thursday on the blog, we’ll talk about another favorite (and unbelievably easy!) recipe! Until then, my friends!

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