Honey, where’s the Cornbread?

“Her corn-cake, in all its varieties of hoe-cake, dodgers, muffins and other species too numerous to mention, was a sublime mystery to all less practised compounders.”

Harriet Beecher Stowe, ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ (1852)
Where’s the butter?

Okay… I’m know I’m on dangerous ground here. However, I’m about to confess a major truth… I use Jiffy Cornbread muffin mix, and doctor it up. I’m a girl from the South, and I’m proud to be a Jiffy user! There! I’ve said it! Don’t judge me. I love cornbread. And, Jiffy makes it more accessible. My California kids grew up on Jiffy. I’m bringing a taste of the South to my West-coast pals, and they love it!

Oh, Jiffy, my Jiffy. How I love you. I even buy it in 6-packs from the local grocer. Halleluyer!!! So, how do I make this “basic” mix over-the-top good? I add in any combination of shredded cheese, sour cream, corn (creamed or whole kernel thawed from frozen), diced chilis. I’ll add cumin, or dill, or some other wonderful spice (depending on what the cornbread is being served alongside). It is so consistently good. It’s all about the consistency. Sometimes, if I plan to use a lot of add-ins, I use two packages (one package makes 6 muffins), and start mixing. The key is not to overrun the mix with add-ins. Get the right consistency (not too runny), and you’re in business.

I serve my cornbread with soup, chili, and my all-veg dinners (black-eyed peas, anyone?!?!). They’re also great toasted for breakfast (then with honey butter). It’s easy, and it works. Try them with my White Chicken Chili (see my last Thursday post, “Honey, Can it Really be that Easy?”). Trust me… they’ll rock your world.

Next time on the blog…we’ll talk about garden planning! Until then, my friends!

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