Honey, Let’s Have a Cup of Tea…

You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” 

c. s. Lewis

Yes, bring me a “cuppa” – ’tis the season. I’m finding that I’m usually home in the late afternoon, and around 3:00, I’m suddenly quite peckish. Enter a nice cup of tea. Having something nice and warm in my stomach makes some of those hunger pangs disappear. And, since I’ve been a bit naughty lately, and put on some of the pounds I recently lost, I’m happy to find something that will assuage the cravings. And, is there anything better than a nice cup?

Whenever we’re in England, Mr. G. knows that our entire itinerary will be planned around where to get the best afternoon tea! It’s civilized, it’s comforting and timeless. When visiting our dear relatives in Ireland, we can sit around Kathleen’s table for hours with endless pots of tea, munching on one of Una’s fabulous cakes. Is there anything better? I think not! There really isn’t anything that a cup of tea won’t make better. When you’re sick, tea and toast to the rescue. When you’re reading, a cup of tea makes the book better. The smell of Earl Grey is enough to make my breathing slow and my soul more calm.

Lately, I’ve been venturing out and trying new teas. I love herbal teas as well as black teas. I’m not as in to green teas (with one exception – Tazo’s Zen tea is quite amazing, and has a green base, with lemongrass and spearmint added – thanks to my nephew, Zach, for introducing me to that wonder!). Delicious, and wonderful iced or hot!

Oh, so delicious!

I’ve recently found a hibiscus based tea, the Carcadet Nuit D’Ete by Dammann Freres (from France – ooh-la-lah!). It is lovely in the afternoon because it is very full flavored without caffeine, and a gorgeous red color. Smells divine, and tastes even better! The other tea pictured below is a Caramel flavor and lovely, as well, but best suited for mornings, as it has caffeine.

New purchases!

The Holy Grail for tea drinkers is the amazing store, Fortnum and Mason, on Piccadilly, in London. The tearoom upstairs is a shelter in the storm, and the presentation is delightful. The downstairs is devoted to tea and tea sales, as well as tea “things”. The biscuits are delicious (and so many choices!). I’ve also purchased picnic baskets and other sundries there that are so well made and fine that they will be here long after the Zombie Apocalypse.

Thank you, darling Mitzi, for capturing me in a flattering light – living my dream at Fortnum’s!
The best of the best!
Fortnum’s mugs are adorable, and I always buy a new one when I’m there!

I love this stuff, and all the traditions around it. I’d love to hear of your tea adventures! Please share with us your great finds, both in teas and tea shops. I’ve barely scratched the surface here!

Until next time, my friends. Have a cuppa on me!

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