Honey, why did we think this was a good idea?!?! (Remodel Update)

Remodeling is like pulling a loose thread on a cheap sweater – the job keeps unraveling.”

margo kaufman
Partial contents of Pandora’s Box…

Well…. we’re at that stage. You know the one… where you’re thinking that this was a really stupid idea, and why didn’t we just hire a contractor, even though we’d spend four times the money we’d spend by doing it ourselves. Or, maybe it was fine just the way it was. Or…. you get the drift.

Actually, the process is going fine. There are just things that are breaking up the flow. And, maybe that’s ok, since we were exhausted and a bit …. snappy… after a very long weekend of scraping, priming, painting, sawing, sawing again, and (cursing under the breath), sawing again.

So, Mr. G. spent the weekend priming (with a horrible primer that smells so badly, I’m afraid he might end up with brain damage – I kept checking his reaction times all weekend…), then scraping, then painting with paint that smelled pleasant compared to the primer.

I spent the weekend painting all the woodwork – baseboards, headboard, and chair rail. Here’s the color we ended up choosing:

Perfect Tan (by Behr)

Nice color, huh? And, here’s the tile (just as a refresher):

Lovely, huh?

We are exhausted, and still have nothing installed. We have several things coming up, so I’ve decided that we will not complete the project until after Thanksgiving. Actually, it’s a relief. I was trying too hard to get things done, but we have important things to do first – a much anticipated family wedding and the Thanksgiving holiday. We’ll get the sink and toilet installed after we get the bead board in place. Then the fixtures. (Easy-peasy?)

Here’s a few tips to keep you sane when remodeling anything:

  • Things alway take longer than you think
  • Things might take TWICE as long as you think
  • They might even take THREE TIMES longer than you think

In the immortal words of Stevie Winwood, roll with it, baby.

I’ll be radio silent for about a week, and then I’ll be back, and we’ll be talking Thanksgiving.

Until then, my friends! Blessings!

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