Honey, Let’s plan our Garden…..

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”

Audrey Hepburn
Not a weed in sight…

There’s nothing like dreaming and scheming about next year’s garden. In the image below, taken from the back of our property last summer, you can see a glorious hanging cactus, geraniums in “plant hospital” (our area of rehab for plants), part of Mr. G’s iris collection (a small part!), Meyer lemon trees, the vegetable garden, the hanging strawberries, the edge of the weeping cherry, and the house beyond. I love this view. I love that we have layers of garden. And, I love, more than anything else, planning for next year.

This image keeps me encouraged through the long, sometimes gray, winter…
Double delight, and the fountain…

Right now, what a mess it all is. I go out, and it’s scraggly and lacking in color except for the neon orange buckets that Mr. G seems inordinately attached to (but, I’m not bitter… no, I’m not!). The Japanese maple, Chinese Pistache and Weeping Cherry are bare, but if you look closely, there are already buds! Weeds are annoyingly hardy, and eclipsing a lot of new growth that is hiding out. But, it’s happening. This month, the roses MUST be pruned (she says to herself, yet again…). And fertilized. And, in late April-early May, they will be magnificent. They are NOT magnificent now! However, the paper whites lining the driveway are blooming! What? Yes…

In a few weeks, our dear friends are coming to visit for a few days. She is a keen gardener, and since my garden won’t be in great form, I hope to have her walk the property with me and give me some ideas as to how to round out the space. It’s always nice to have a fresh set of eyes that you trust. We are thinking of throwing caution to the wind, and developing the inner grass area into something different (we have a wide planted border of anywhere from 10 – 40 feet all around the central part of the yard, which is grass). Pinterest photos are being collected at an alarming rate, to help us assemble ideas and use the space in a way that could enhance our outdoor time. We think of a central walkway, boxwood (beautiful, but is it really us?), a bocci court, an outdoor pizza oven (wouldn’t that be great?), and a million other things. The reality is, it all costs a lot, but it’s really fun to plan and think about. I think about a she-shed (“Zachary, is my she-shed covered?”). What I really want is an old-fashioned gypsy caravan, brightly painted and with a round top to play in! (If you see one of those for sale, let me know!)

If you haven’t guessed, Mr. G. and I are a bit clutter-buggy with our plants. We are both attracted to slightly chaotic, riotous color more than staid, perfectly manicured gardens. To each his own. We love looking at those gardens, and come home and feel a little undisciplined, but I really do love being surprised and delighted around each corner.

Weeds are a constant irritant. Particularly when they are sometimes beautiful. It’s like a lovely spider spinning an intricate web… one days it’s a thing of beauty, the next day it envelopes you as you try to get in the car! Ugh! I just can’t get over how quickly weeds can become the order of the day. Forget a zombie apocalypse… weeds will be the ruination of us, yet.

Yes, please…

Meanwhile, I’ll keep steady by remembering the roses as they are in the image above.

Holding my breath until May…

I love hearing everyone’s ideas about planting. I’d love to know what you’re up to in the dreaming department. In the meantime, I’ll be perusing the seed catalogues, trying to decide how much zucchini one family really needs, and dreaming of the cantaloupe seeds I plan to order (Ambrosia is the name of the variety that we adore…)

Until next time, my dear friends…

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