Honey, here’s what I know this year…

That’s a powerful blaze!

Man, sometimes it takes you a long time to sound like yourself.”

Miles Davis

Every time I take a friend or family member out for a birthday celebration, I try to work in this question to the conversation: “What do you know this year that you didn’t know last year?”. The question stumps people sometimes. And, sometimes, they answer immediately. I recently had my own birthday, and I’ve been pondering the question myself. I always consider my birthday a time of reflection and I try to think about how I want the next year to look. I think about my daily habits, what needs to change or needs work, and what I’m proud I’ve accomplished. I also think more and more about the people I spend my time with, and the impact they have on me.

I’ll address the “people” part first: I am blessed to have a wonderful family. I have a loving, kind, and supportive husband, who is just the best person I know. I have a lovely sister, brother-in-law and their children, and my parents are both still with us. I have amazing kids, and their spouses are equally wonderful. I don’t take that for granted. It is an embarrassment of riches. A huge thank-you to them for all they mean to me in my life, and how they influence me for the better (I like to think of my kids as “Corli 2.0” – they’re so much more evolved than I was at their age – here’s to evolution!).

I think of my friends, old and new. There are so many of you to thank (another embarrassment of riches!). Whether we’re getting together once a year because we live far away, or we see each other on a regular basis for walks in the park, lunches, crafting afternoons, bookclub meetings, evenings out for a show – I thank you for your kindness and friendship. No one is an island, and I am so grateful for the tribe I have.

I think about what I want my life to look like next year. Here are a few areas I want to develop:

  • I want to get my weight back down to what it was last year. This should take about 4 months to achieve. I’ve established a list of “rules” that I will follow. So far, so good.
  • I want to spend some time playing the piano again. I don’t play regularly any more. I have decided to put practicing on my calendar at least 3 times per week. Excited about this! I also want to start singing on a regular basis. After retirement from being a church Music Director for 20 years, I took a break. I miss it. I’m working on some stuff that may really end up being fun!
  • I want to start recording again (see above list item!). I have a home studio, and one of my goals has always been to record all my favorite Beatle’s songs (I have transcripts of all their works – every part, from french horn to strings). I’d love to do some recordings with my family of these gems!
  • I want to get better at sewing. I sew in a “crafty” way. I’m not making garments, although, who knows about the future? I’m happy to make a small quilt or a tote bag. I so enjoyed the Christmas stockings I made this year. I want to build on that. I also want to spend more time doing punch needle and embroidery. These hobbies really make my soul sing!
  • I want to take better care of my skin. This sounds odd, I know, but I am lazy at night, and sometimes all my face gets is a warm washcloth and a promise to do better tomorrow. I’d like to have a simple routine that I follow every night. I’ve been reading a lot about Parisian women’s skin care routines. Most take excellent care of their skin and wear little or no makeup. This sounds like a good strategy to me. This may require a few purchases and possibly a trip or two to the esthetician. Getting that organized. (Any good recommendations for skincare products? Please share here, on the blog!)
  • I want to continue my walking routine (I walk 1.5 – 2.5 miles per day), and add some strength training. I have 1 and 2 pounds weights. Simple, but effective over time. I just need to do it!
  • I really enjoy cooking. I want to get in the kitchen and tweak some recipes to make them more friendly with the rules I’ve established for eating. I think it will be a fun challenge.
Plan it out, and write it down!!!

I will keep you posted as to the progress of my year. I’d love to hear about your plans. Share with us here on the blog!

Until next time, my friends!

3 thoughts on “Honey, here’s what I know this year…”

  1. I love the idea! Where are you going to keep your list? The bathroom mirror? Refrigerator? A reminder on your calendar? I’m going to start thinking about mine….. And I am so proud of your walking regiment!


  2. Each year I write a “Birthday Letter” to each of my grandchildren. As each has grown so has the length of each letter. In the letter I review the highlights of his/her year. in each year there are always a mix of challenges faced, obstacles overcome and accomplishments achieved. Included is “wishes for you …” as each embarks on the next birthday year. Thank you for this new idea for my own reflection. I have several months before my three-quarters-of-a-century birthday. However, I am going to start the discernment process now and ponder what you listed in your first paragraph. Thank you for this new way to reflect, appreciate and move forward.


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