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Honey, Let’s plan our Garden…..

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”

Audrey Hepburn
Not a weed in sight…

There’s nothing like dreaming and scheming about next year’s garden. In the image below, taken from the back of our property last summer, you can see a glorious hanging cactus, geraniums in “plant hospital” (our area of rehab for plants), part of Mr. G’s iris collection (a small part!), Meyer lemon trees, the vegetable garden, the hanging strawberries, the edge of the weeping cherry, and the house beyond. I love this view. I love that we have layers of garden. And, I love, more than anything else, planning for next year.

This image keeps me encouraged through the long, sometimes gray, winter…
Double delight, and the fountain…

Right now, what a mess it all is. I go out, and it’s scraggly and lacking in color except for the neon orange buckets that Mr. G seems inordinately attached to (but, I’m not bitter… no, I’m not!). The Japanese maple, Chinese Pistache and Weeping Cherry are bare, but if you look closely, there are already buds! Weeds are annoyingly hardy, and eclipsing a lot of new growth that is hiding out. But, it’s happening. This month, the roses MUST be pruned (she says to herself, yet again…). And fertilized. And, in late April-early May, they will be magnificent. They are NOT magnificent now! However, the paper whites lining the driveway are blooming! What? Yes…

In a few weeks, our dear friends are coming to visit for a few days. She is a keen gardener, and since my garden won’t be in great form, I hope to have her walk the property with me and give me some ideas as to how to round out the space. It’s always nice to have a fresh set of eyes that you trust. We are thinking of throwing caution to the wind, and developing the inner grass area into something different (we have a wide planted border of anywhere from 10 – 40 feet all around the central part of the yard, which is grass). Pinterest photos are being collected at an alarming rate, to help us assemble ideas and use the space in a way that could enhance our outdoor time. We think of a central walkway, boxwood (beautiful, but is it really us?), a bocci court, an outdoor pizza oven (wouldn’t that be great?), and a million other things. The reality is, it all costs a lot, but it’s really fun to plan and think about. I think about a she-shed (“Zachary, is my she-shed covered?”). What I really want is an old-fashioned gypsy caravan, brightly painted and with a round top to play in! (If you see one of those for sale, let me know!)

If you haven’t guessed, Mr. G. and I are a bit clutter-buggy with our plants. We are both attracted to slightly chaotic, riotous color more than staid, perfectly manicured gardens. To each his own. We love looking at those gardens, and come home and feel a little undisciplined, but I really do love being surprised and delighted around each corner.

Weeds are a constant irritant. Particularly when they are sometimes beautiful. It’s like a lovely spider spinning an intricate web… one days it’s a thing of beauty, the next day it envelopes you as you try to get in the car! Ugh! I just can’t get over how quickly weeds can become the order of the day. Forget a zombie apocalypse… weeds will be the ruination of us, yet.

Yes, please…

Meanwhile, I’ll keep steady by remembering the roses as they are in the image above.

Holding my breath until May…

I love hearing everyone’s ideas about planting. I’d love to know what you’re up to in the dreaming department. In the meantime, I’ll be perusing the seed catalogues, trying to decide how much zucchini one family really needs, and dreaming of the cantaloupe seeds I plan to order (Ambrosia is the name of the variety that we adore…)

Until next time, my dear friends…

Honey, I use it everyday…..

Genevieve, we cannot afford CHEAP”

Genevieve’s husband, way back when…
Hello, Beautiful!!!

The quote at the top of the post refers to a lovely lady named Genevieve that I met years ago. She was born in France, and immigrated to the U.S. in the early 50’s. Her husband became a world-renowned chef (he worked at the White House!), so was very successful in the end, but they came from humble beginnings. He use to say that they “could not afford cheap” – he knew that when they made a purchase, it needed to stand the test of time and serve them well. This resonated with me, because nothing is more frustrating than “saving money” on something that is not quality or built to last.

As I start the new year, I’m always looking back at finances, what I could have done better around Christmas (it really adds up!), and peering ahead at what I plan to change as far as a spending plan… usually my spending plan “adds up” to spend less!!! I haven’t done a money-based post in a while, and the new year seems the best time to reset if needed, and to start afresh. Today I want to talk about things that we use all the time, my philosophy about those things, and how it’s changed over time. My dear friend and “niece”, Mitzi, has a favorite saying… “I use it EVERY DAY”. What she’s referring to is the fact that if you use it every day, it should be something of the best quality (and by that, inferring that it could be more expensive), but should be lasting, and, above all, a joy to use! I think she’s on to something…

Through the years, I’ve assembled a “pallet” of things that work for me. But before I go into some specifics, I’d like to expand a bit on Mitzi’s philosophy. Days turn into weeks, months, and years, and we do the same things during those time periods. Most of the things we do are condensed into habits. We get up, we turn on the news, feed the dog, eat breakfast, go for our walk, shower, go to work or do our errands, grocery shop, clean the house, repeat…. Mitzi’s point is that we should use products that we love when we do those things, and IF they’re more expensive, they’re still worth it if they make us smile, and give our lives a feeling of enrichment – sometimes even a deeper sense of meaning and a moment of pause in the habit-infused days in which we live.

I got a new hairdryer for Christmas. I ASKED for a new hairdryer for Christmas! This was after visiting Mitzi in late spring and using her hairdryer. It was an enlightening experience. The hairdryer is a Dyson, and happens to be one of the expensive items. However, for girls like Mitzi and me, who have thick, curly, impudent hair, it is a revelation. Mr. G. kept asking “are you sure you want a hairdryer for Christmas?” (I could see the fear in his eyes!). I kept answering “yes”. He heard me, and we’re both very happy!

There are, of course, things that work beautifully for me that aren’t expensive. Even better! The important thing is to find the things that work for you. My favorite body wash is from good old Bath and Body Works, the Eucalyptus Spearmint one. Oh my! It is so good. And, so is the body lotion. Yay! Done and done.

Yes, Please!

One of my splurges is Williams-Sonoma’s Lemongrass and Ginger hand wash and hand lotion. I keep them by the kitchen sink, and in the bathrooms. I love this scent so much, and I wash my hands constantly (cat boxes, dog spit, you name it!). So, every time I wash my hands I’m just transported, for a minute, to a place where someone else cleans the cat boxes. Lovely!

What’s that you say? You’ll clean the cat boxes?!?!

How does this save me more money, you might be asking? Well, if I have products that are my tried and true ones, I watch for sales, I collect points, etc. Then, when things go on sale, I snatch them up, take advantage of BOGO’s, and at the end of the day, I’m on budget with things that I really love.

This all sounds a bit silly, but I have found that if I find things I love, I can figure out how to fit them into my budget. I have the things that help me thrive, and, guess what? I need less things! This is huge. My bathroom counters aren’t over-flowing with stuff, I have what I need, and can always put my hands on it – even in the dark!

In the coming months, I’ll focus occasionally on the things that make my heart sing, and, at the end of the day, save me money!

Until next time, my friends!

Honey… Getting crafty in 2020!!!

Life is a series of obstacles preventing me from crafting”
About to transform…

One of the joys I have found in retirement is reacquainting myself with crafting… needlework, sewing, Cricut (boy, is that fun!), and one of my new passions, punch needle. Really exciting, messy, and…. expensive! However, I will survive! I have found the perfect sweet spot – sitting at my sewing machine, surrounded by 3 cats and 1 dog, listening to a great book on Audible or music, and sewing my little heart out! That, for me, is a charmed life!

This year, I decided to make stockings for all of us in my immediate family… me, Mr. G., my son and daughter, and my daughter-in-laws. What fun I had! I chose fabrics from three different jelly rolls (pre-cut 2.5″ strips of a collection of fabrics meant to go together), and used the “Quilt as You Go” kits (which consist of quilt batting with a printed pattern already on it – you quilt strips directly onto the batting, and voila!, you have a finished, quilted stocking when you are done). You sew a backing fabric on the back side of the batting before you start sewing strips on the front, so that when you do sew the strips on the front, the stocking is lined as well as quilted. Easy-peasy! The “Quilt as You Go” line also carries patterns for placemats, table runners, and other fun stuff! I’m having a blast. As someone who is incredibly impatient and not particularly geared towards a project that would take a long time, this is definitely in my wheel house.

Here’s a peek at works as I progressed:

Notice my helper photo-bombing in the upper right hand corner… (“Mom, is it time to play ball yet?”)

One thing that was stumping me was how to personalize the stockings. I really didn’t want to go traditional cuff with embroidered name, because it would cover up some of the fabrics I had chosen (and I really tried to choose fabrics that reflected the personality of each of my family members – that was so fun!). I came upon the idea of using ribbon as the hanging loop and using my Cricut to cut out everyone’s names and ironing them on. Here’s a peek:


I secured each name loop with a button, and, two (only two?) trips to Michael’s later, I was in business.

All done!

I would love to know what you all are doing craft-wise. I am loving this life, and I am enjoying connecting with friends who love to do the same. Hopefully, this year, there will be many more craft posts on Honey, Let Me Tell You…

Hoping that you all had a wonderful holiday season! Blessings to everyone! Next time on the blog… the dreaded Resolutions and a Book challenge!!! Until then, my friends!

Honey, it is all about Coffee and Christmas!!!

May your coffee kick in before reality does…”

Unknown (but really smart)

This post will be a mixed bag… a little about the new coffee cart, and a little about Christmas decor. First, let’s talk about my new cutie-pie coffee cart. What would we do without Wayfair? I picked up this little gem on Black Friday, and paid less than 50% for it! Woo-hoo! It is really darling (although the phrase “some assembly required” was a considerable understatement (even the baskets and drawers had to be assembled. Thank God I married an engineer!). It has a stainless steel top (love that!), and two pull out baskets (one for “leaded”, one for decaf). The drawers are for Nespresso pods and extra tea. Underneath are the majority of the tea things (extra mugs, acrylic bins with tea bags, etc). On top are the Keurig, the Nespresso, the milk frother, the electric teapot, and other sundries. I love having it all in the same place. And, how about that adorable mug rack? Amazon.

As you know by now, our house is 72 years old, and so the kitchen is a little funky, even after remodeling. I don’t mind that a bit, but sometimes you have to be creative. I have the coffee cart next to the fridge, and it works out nicely, as it doesn’t encroach on the dining area or the peninsula barstools. It makes the dining area look and feel more spacious than it is. Winning! And, best of all, winning on the cheap!

Now, we’re finally decorated for Christmas! In years past, we have always gotten all our decorating done the weekend after Thanksgiving. This year, we were a little behind, but now we’re up to speed and thoroughly enjoying the Christmas spirit:

Mantle complete!
Amaryllis (from my local grocer!)
The dining table
Fondue anyone?

I’m learning (slowly) to keep it simple. Last year, I had all appetizers for Christmas brunch, and it was too much work! It all tasted good, but I was incredibly stressed. Too many things happening at once (and of course, I had delusions of grandeur). However, on Christmas Eve last year, we had fondue, and it was so fun! We had apples, bread, sautéed sausages, and strawberries, and it was delicious. AND, we camped out in the family room (see above pic). Easy-peasy, and oh so tasty.

An old tree with new lights…

And, finally, the tree! I’m so pleased with the way it looks this year. However, it was another hard-won victory. (Honestly!) We’ve had this tree for many years, and it is still in great shape. We really invested in a good one, and we’re not sorry. However, it was pre-lit, and eventually, those lights give out. So, Mr. G. and I did our research, and decided that since the tree was in great shape, we would “just replace the lights” (JUST replace the lights…). Wellllll…. 13 hours later, we finally finished that little project!!! The “old” lights were clipped onto the tree at the end of every branch (EVERY branch!), and wrapped around that branch at least 4 times each, then joining a central light strand in the middle. I kid you not. We had to unclip (first we had to FIND the clip), then unwind, then CUT the lights off the tree. It was a nightmare. THEN.…. we had to start replacing the lights. 1300 lights later, we were finished. Mr. G and I like to have lights inside the tree as well as around the perimeter, so 3 trips to Home Depot (multiple Home Depots, because we started not finding the specific lights we were using at our nearby store – oh the panic!!!) later, we had enough lights. I’m exhausted just writing about it. The only consolation I have is that some of the lights were on sale, and we saved hundreds by not buying a new tree. (However, Mr. G. gets spooked every time I get a “dreamy” look, and quickly finds a reason to be outside or in the garage as he’s sure I’m contemplating yet another project…who could blame him?!?!)

As we move into the season, let me just say, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you. I have really enjoyed hearing from you all this year – old friends and new. Connecting with all of you on a regular basis has brought me much joy, and lots of laughter. God Bless Us, Everyone!!!

Honey, Let us speak about the Remodel!!!


corliss greene (and every other woman who has ever been in charge of remodeling a bathroom)
What’s wrong with this picture?!?!

So….. here’s how this happened… The floor was finished, and Mr. G. promptly covered up the floor with butcher paper, taped the paper down and we began patching, retexturing, and painting the walls. Thennnnn, we took a 10-day break to attend my niece’s wedding in Atlanta. We came back and spent a couple of days installing the bead board. Then, it was Thanksgiving. On that day, our adult children were at the house, and wanted to see the progress, so, since the paint was obviously dry by then, I peeled back the paper, right on the tile pictured above. I’m embarrassed at the expletives that followed (particularly on Thanksgiving Day!). HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED?!?! HOW COULD OUR TILE GUY, MYSELF AND MR. G HAVE MISSED IT?!?! But, we did.

I stewed all Thanksgiving holiday. On Monday morning, I sent a picture to our tile guy, and he laughed, and said, “how could I have done this? No worries, I can fix that”. And, just like that, 45 minutes later, it was done.

Ahhhh! Much better!

So, that hurdle was done. On to the plumbing. We had saved the pedestal sink that was in the bathroom. Cute, and small, which is what we needed, because the bathroom is not large. The plumber came, and promptly announced that the sink would not work, because the opening in the back was not low enough (the sink had been much lower in the floor before – whoever did it over the last 70 years apparently had cut into the original tile to make it work – honestly!). So… heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to Home Depot I go. Had to buy a sink while the plumber was installing the toilet (no pressure!).


However, I have to say, I’m pleased with the results. It looks like a cute little London Victorian bathroom (but, smells much better!).

Very cute!

Now, I can finally focus on the holidays. Let the cookies flow!

Hope you’re having a good holiday season… blessings to you all!

Honey – something new to read!

Reading is dreaming with open eyes”


You know that part of my quest in life is to find the best books. Not just ok, but the best! This one is one of the best! I loved so much about this lovely piece of writing by the amazing Ann Patchett. And, the stroke of genius that followed by having Tom Hanks perform the book on Audible. His voice… so soothing, sarcastic, and comforting – all in one. He was the perfect voice for the narrator of the story, Danny. (Audible link at bottom of post)

I loved this novel because it’s about the complexity of family (blood and chosen), and sibling love and devotion. It’s about convoluted issues with parents, absent and present, dealt with in a way that enables the reader to see every side of the story (in my experience that’s not easy for an author to do – particularly using only one narrator).

This story is also about a house. An extraordinary house, which looms so ever-present, it is, in fact, its own character in the book. If you believe in the “spirit of place”, you will be able to relate to this story. I’m finding that I love stories about places, and the people that inhabit them. (To find other books that feature places as their center, check out Kate Morton. Her books always have a place at the heart of the events that build story).

I have to say, though – the main reason I loved this novel is because Ann Patchett can WRITE. Much of the narrative is dialogue, and she is just spot on. Dialogue can sometimes feel stilted, but not so with this writer. After reading this book, I KNOW these people. And, I wish I could sit down and talk to them. I don’t want to give much away, but let me say that the story is one that would be great for a book club discussion, as the characters are flawed and make decisions that carry permanent consequences (so, this book is a lot like life!). Lots of opportunities to discuss and take apart. Lots of moments to be angry, sad, and marvel at the survival skills of people, and how those skills build families.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. You’re in for a treat!

Audible link

Honey, Let’s be Thankful…

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

albert einstein
Sweet potato soufflé has no calories on Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. As crazy as the menus can be, the decorations, the setting up of additional tables, the overrunning refrigerator, the lack of counter space. The thing I love is that, at it’s heart, Thanksgiving is a very simple holiday. It’s not religious, it’s not political (hopefully!)… it’s simply a day to acknowledge and give thanks for family, friends, and our blessings. It’s a day to eat a lot, and not feel guilty – and, then, you may surprise yourself and not eat that much. Some days, it’s more about a full heart than a full stomach. On this special day every year I find myself putting down my fork and just looking around – at my husband, our grown children and their partners in life, our friends who we always celebrate with (they’re family too). Those around the table, and the ones who have gone before us. I’m not a weeper, but there are moments when I get quite misty over my good fortune.

That’s not to say that there are not moments… but, overall, we’ve done the Thanksgiving thing enough times, with the right people, that we’ve got this down. A couple of our traditions are quirky… for instance, we stopped the turkey tradition long ago. My dear friend and I realized that we (none of us) really liked turkey that much. What we really responded to was beef (except for the vegetarians among us, and they didn’t care!)! So, now, every Thanksgiving we have a peppered beef tenderloin with a luscious sour cream-horseradish sauce. I make it, and it is, if I do say so, amazingly good (and easy)! We do, however, still love stuffing, so I make a baking dish of dressing every year, with cranberry sauce. Our friend Frank makes his incredible squash, carrot and heavy cream puree and balsamic green beans, I make corn pudding and sweet potato soufflé, Frank does gallons of mashed potatoes, an English trifle, and we usually have some other dessert – something more simple than the rich trifle. Our daughter and her wife are in charge of salad, which I find to be a welcome relief to all the heavy stuff, and they usually do something very delicious with baby greens, goat cheese, and pomegranate or dried cranberries. It’s an embarrassment of riches. Our son and his wife are flexible… last year they made the most incredible cookies… it took them days, and they were glorious.

Chelsea and Connor’s Holiday creations!

All this is to say, I’m so very grateful for family, friends, the love of a wonderful husband and grown children. I don’t say it enough. However, it is the cornerstone of my whole life. We recently went to Atlanta for my niece’s wedding, and we had a real family reunion. I saw beloved cousins, friends who are like family, and my parents and my surrogate parents. These occasions are rare – it’s hard to get everyone in the same place at the same time. It was one of those moments in time that I will never forget. Never mind the unfinished bathroom, the other bathroom waiting to be finished, the floors that need to be redone, on and on. Life is amazing, and I am so blest.

I hope you all have the best Thanksgiving ever, with wonderful memories with people you love!

Honey, why did we think this was a good idea?!?! (Remodel Update)

Remodeling is like pulling a loose thread on a cheap sweater – the job keeps unraveling.”

margo kaufman
Partial contents of Pandora’s Box…

Well…. we’re at that stage. You know the one… where you’re thinking that this was a really stupid idea, and why didn’t we just hire a contractor, even though we’d spend four times the money we’d spend by doing it ourselves. Or, maybe it was fine just the way it was. Or…. you get the drift.

Actually, the process is going fine. There are just things that are breaking up the flow. And, maybe that’s ok, since we were exhausted and a bit …. snappy… after a very long weekend of scraping, priming, painting, sawing, sawing again, and (cursing under the breath), sawing again.

So, Mr. G. spent the weekend priming (with a horrible primer that smells so badly, I’m afraid he might end up with brain damage – I kept checking his reaction times all weekend…), then scraping, then painting with paint that smelled pleasant compared to the primer.

I spent the weekend painting all the woodwork – baseboards, headboard, and chair rail. Here’s the color we ended up choosing:

Perfect Tan (by Behr)

Nice color, huh? And, here’s the tile (just as a refresher):

Lovely, huh?

We are exhausted, and still have nothing installed. We have several things coming up, so I’ve decided that we will not complete the project until after Thanksgiving. Actually, it’s a relief. I was trying too hard to get things done, but we have important things to do first – a much anticipated family wedding and the Thanksgiving holiday. We’ll get the sink and toilet installed after we get the bead board in place. Then the fixtures. (Easy-peasy?)

Here’s a few tips to keep you sane when remodeling anything:

  • Things alway take longer than you think
  • Things might take TWICE as long as you think
  • They might even take THREE TIMES longer than you think

In the immortal words of Stevie Winwood, roll with it, baby.

I’ll be radio silent for about a week, and then I’ll be back, and we’ll be talking Thanksgiving.

Until then, my friends! Blessings!

Honey, Let’s Make Our Reading Life Even Better!!!

Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

stephen king
What are you reading?

I’m that girl… on the subway, on the train, on the plane, in a restaurant… If I see someone with a book, and I (ever so politely and not at all overtly) crane my neck and can’t see the title, well – I will ask people what they’re reading, if they look even remotely approachable. Annoying, but I just can’t help myself. Otherwise, I would never interrupt someone I didn’t know! Celebrities? Never! Friend of a friend that I met years ago? Probably not! However, my reading disease is in the advanced stages, and I am compelled to discover anything new that I might enjoy…

Since retiring, I have more time to read, as I have shouted from the mountaintops ad nauseam. I have also become more acutely aware that I need to be very selective in what I choose, because I have WAY more books than I’ll ever have time to read. How to weed out the MUSTS from the MIGHTS? Enter the adorable Anne Bogel, from the podcast What Should I Read Next, and her equally wonderful blog, The Modern Mrs. Darcy

Anne is an avid reader, and is always on the cutting edge of what’s new, what’s coming up from publishers, while keeping a sharp eye and memory for the back-list of an author. The format for her podcast is simple, and brilliant. She has listener/readers who apply to be on the podcast, and when chosen, Anne and her guest spend the first few minutes discussing their backgrounds, their reading life and genres they enjoy. Then Anne gets more specific and asks the interviewee to share with her three books they loved, and one book they did not love. From this info, Anne makes suggestions to the participant as to what they should read next. I am amazed at how she can always find the right book for the right person – it’s her superpower!

Is this heaven? No, but close… it’s the Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland

I cannot tell you how many titles I have explored because of this podcast. Sometimes I research a book and realize it’s not for me, however, I am sometimes led to something that is for me through her suggestions. What I love about her format is that it always teaches the reader something about themselves. I think we’re sometimes the last to know about something really fundamental in our own makeup – we need for someone else to point it out to us. So, even if you don’t make it onto Anne’s podcast, you can listen to others and compare your reading preferences to theirs, do your own research, and always have a full “to be read” list or stack!

If you visit the links above, the What Should I Read Next front page has a wonderful source, where you can type the title of a book in (or the author name), and get other titles similar to it for your next reading possibility – she also provides a “Info/buy” button! Modern Mrs. Darcy has book reviews, reading challenges, e-book deals, and Anne’s always much anticipated Reading Guides. These are amazing, and all gathered and carefully curated by Anne to guide you through different reading seasons.

But, the main thing I love about Anne and her approach is that she is not a book snob. This is important! She considers everything, each genre, author, subject, etc., a possibility and important in its own way. She will say if she liked or didn’t like a book, but she does not judge. I love this. The publishing and book world, like all artistic communities, has its share of snobs. Real book lovers know that sometimes the simplest book can deliver a powerful message and that books mean different things at different times in your life. Snobs miss out!

In closing, I hope you will find the time to poke around her website and give a listen to the podcast. My life has certainly been the richer for both of these!

Until next time, blessings, my friends!

Honey, Let’s Have a Cup of Tea…

You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” 

c. s. Lewis

Yes, bring me a “cuppa” – ’tis the season. I’m finding that I’m usually home in the late afternoon, and around 3:00, I’m suddenly quite peckish. Enter a nice cup of tea. Having something nice and warm in my stomach makes some of those hunger pangs disappear. And, since I’ve been a bit naughty lately, and put on some of the pounds I recently lost, I’m happy to find something that will assuage the cravings. And, is there anything better than a nice cup?

Whenever we’re in England, Mr. G. knows that our entire itinerary will be planned around where to get the best afternoon tea! It’s civilized, it’s comforting and timeless. When visiting our dear relatives in Ireland, we can sit around Kathleen’s table for hours with endless pots of tea, munching on one of Una’s fabulous cakes. Is there anything better? I think not! There really isn’t anything that a cup of tea won’t make better. When you’re sick, tea and toast to the rescue. When you’re reading, a cup of tea makes the book better. The smell of Earl Grey is enough to make my breathing slow and my soul more calm.

Lately, I’ve been venturing out and trying new teas. I love herbal teas as well as black teas. I’m not as in to green teas (with one exception – Tazo’s Zen tea is quite amazing, and has a green base, with lemongrass and spearmint added – thanks to my nephew, Zach, for introducing me to that wonder!). Delicious, and wonderful iced or hot!

Oh, so delicious!

I’ve recently found a hibiscus based tea, the Carcadet Nuit D’Ete by Dammann Freres (from France – ooh-la-lah!). It is lovely in the afternoon because it is very full flavored without caffeine, and a gorgeous red color. Smells divine, and tastes even better! The other tea pictured below is a Caramel flavor and lovely, as well, but best suited for mornings, as it has caffeine.

New purchases!

The Holy Grail for tea drinkers is the amazing store, Fortnum and Mason, on Piccadilly, in London. The tearoom upstairs is a shelter in the storm, and the presentation is delightful. The downstairs is devoted to tea and tea sales, as well as tea “things”. The biscuits are delicious (and so many choices!). I’ve also purchased picnic baskets and other sundries there that are so well made and fine that they will be here long after the Zombie Apocalypse.

Thank you, darling Mitzi, for capturing me in a flattering light – living my dream at Fortnum’s!
The best of the best!
Fortnum’s mugs are adorable, and I always buy a new one when I’m there!

I love this stuff, and all the traditions around it. I’d love to hear of your tea adventures! Please share with us your great finds, both in teas and tea shops. I’ve barely scratched the surface here!

Until next time, my friends. Have a cuppa on me!