Honey, Where’s My Life???

Part cautionary tale, part middle-of-life rallying cry…

AMAZON Book review
Lookout world…

As a recent retiree (woo-hoo!!!), I’m learning what the new normal is in my life.  I’m learning that there are no hard and fast rules, and this makes me incredibly happy and a tiny bit nervous!  To suddenly have time on my hands to do what I want (and what, pray tell, IS that?) is exciting and, quite frankly, weird.  My life has always followed the school calendar, the church calendar (I’m a retired Music Director), working on holidays, yada-yada.  

As an avid reader, I’m looking for print or e-book sources to help me plan my next “act”. Enter Sheri Salata. Ladies, you know who Sheri is, even if you think you don’t. For the last years of the Oprah show, Sheri was the Executive Producer, and then went on to be Co-President of OWN with the Divine Miss Oprah herself. Heady stuff. And yet…

The Beautiful No is Sheri’s memoir on her life so far… how she got to where she was, what she did while she was there, and then, how she decided to forge a new path.   I laughed out loud at her stories, cried with her through her growing pains and grief, and sympathized and marveled at her decisions, bravery, and chutzpa!  She is a force. And, she’s a mess!  As she says:  

“Thursday morning.  One hundred pounds overweight, no man in sight, and rounding the bend to 57 years old – a full-blown catastrophe.”  

Soooo….. her life isn’t going the way she wants, and she figures out how to change it! Hallelujah!  Go Sheri, go! Have I mentioned I love this book? It’s a wonderful read, and it’s also wonderful on Audible (See links below for Amazon and Audible for this wonderful find!) Sheri reads the Audible version, and she brings it to life with her signature style and humor.   Enjoy!

Check out The Beautiful No on Amazon

Check out The Beautiful No on Audible (read by the author!)

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