Honey, what’s that noise??? (Oh, it’s me!)

Aging is mostly the failure to repair.

Gregory Benford

Yes, many of you know what I’m speaking about here.  Years ago, my husband and I were at a gorgeous hotel in the English countryside that had no elevator. Every night, after our dinner downstairs, we would go up the grand marble staircase and I would hear a weird noise.  One night I asked Mr. G., “What IS that infernal creaking”?   He calmly replied, “I think it’s you – well, it’s either you or me”. Huh.

It was me.  A few years after that incident, I had a knee replacement, and though my knee is much better, I still creak.  All the time.  Remember when we didn’t creak? Barely, right?   Accompanying the creaks are soreness, hips that are constantly “stove up”, and me wishing I had an oil can that I could use on my joints like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz.

So, after much research, I have found something that really helps.  Stretching.  And, I’ve found something that’s FREE that gets that ball rolling: a show on my local PBS station that’s called “Classical Stretch”.  It’s hosted by a lovely, albeit annoyingly flexible, woman named Miranda Esmonde-White.  She is downright inspirational.  That woman can move her 70-year old body all kinds of ways.  (Sometimes I just watch her, instead of doing my stretches, mesmerized!!!)  And, if you don’t want the television show, she also has DVD’s for all levels of movement.  She also has written several excellent books, which I refer to often, and when I need inspiration!

Miranda doing her (very impressive) thing!

I went to her website, https://essentrics.com, where she outlines her programs, etc.  It is worth a look.  And, she has some advice before starting any new fitness program besides the obvious, which is see your doctor.  Here are her six recommendations for beginning:

1. Start off slow and gentle

2. Don’t push too hard

3. Exercise in a relaxed mode

4. Listen to your body

5. Breathe!

6. Stretch at least 3 times weekly

Each routine that I do (I DVR them – they come on each day on my local PBS station) lasts about 24 minutes.  It’s amazing, because I walk 2-3 miles daily for my exercise, but doing the stretching really gives my body an overall workout that the walking just can’t do.  It is amazing how I feel after I do a stretching sequence.  It’s like every muscle in my body was used and warmed up.   The best part: it really helps with any pain. It takes time, but I see a difference.

She films in gorgeous tropical locations (Jamaica is a favorite) on the grounds of picturesque hotels.  You can see the wind blow and the waves crash.  Lovely.  She uses instrumental music in the background, and speaks the instructions for your workout plainly and simply.  Easy-peasy.  

I’d love to know how you’re combating the issues that we women of a certain age are facing.  What I know for sure is that I want to be able to play with my dog, future grandchildren, my great-niece, and my friends without having aches and pains.  It want to “get up” when I fall down! I think this really helps.  Please share your own experiences with us!

Next week, we’ll be planning the ultimate summer party! You won’t want to miss it!

5 thoughts on “Honey, what’s that noise??? (Oh, it’s me!)”

  1. This is awesome and I’m going to check PBS to see if it airs here. I have constant pain with my hips and have tried everything – well, everything except for consistent stretching. Literally, I take Tylenol every night so I don’t wake up in pain. Thanks!


  2. This is so true.. the noises! Ours are what our girls call “old people” noises.. the grunts you make getting up from the sofa, sitting down in a low chair, etc. Had no idea we were doing that until they said “why are you making old people noises?” Lol. CrossFit is the thing that helps me, it builds up my muscle strength and stretches too. I love your idea here… I’m going to search for her on my on demand!


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